Friday, January 15, 2010

Twins Day at Glenwood Elemenary

Today was "Twins Day" at the boys' school where schoolmates could dress alike to look like twins.  So just for fun, I had the boys wear the same thing and snapped a few shots before they left for school.  You know what though?  I don't feel like I got any shots of them where they look exactly alike. They had different expressions or stances in every shot.... this is probably the one where they look the most alike.  Am I crazy or do they totally different to you?

On a side note, out of curiosity, I googled "twins day" and it took me to this site.  Looks like there is no official twins recognition day; however, there's a big gathering in Twinsburg, Ohio every summer. How weird would it be to see so many twins all gathered at one place? Just saying...


  1. They sure look a lot alike to me! Super cute!

  2. They do look alike, but I can see a difference. They are both handsome as all get out though!

  3. They are too darn handsome! I love how you captured them both smiling and you can see their little personalities shine through those beautiful eyes :)