Monday, November 1, 2010

I Have a New Blog....

...and you can find it HERE.

Hi Folks!!!  I apologize for the lack of posts lately.... I have so much to blog about but have been too busy to do much of it.  In any case, one of the things that have kept me busy is a move over to my brand spankin' new blog. Won't you come on over and take a look?  And while you're there, be sure to bookmark the new blog as I will no longer be updating this one.

You know, change is a funny thing....  Sometimes you don't even realize that change is constantly happening around us and we don't stop to think about it.  Other times though, change is excruciating and we fight it tooth and nail.  I think about change all the time.  I think about all the 'changes' that I've made (some by choice, some forced upon me) throughout the years and how those changes led me here today.  So this blog is something I've been wanting to change for a while but I held off because I had become quite comfortable with blogger and why bother with change if everything appears to be working fine?  Well, you know what?  I think it's good to shake things up at times and since there are things in my life that I can't change quite as easily, I figured I might as well just take the leap.  After all, moving from Blogger to Wordpress is a non-issue in the overall scheme of life LOL!

In any case, I'll miss this blog.... I started it almost 2 years ago and I've enjoyed it so much.  The best part about it is that I've met so many fantastic folks who took the time to leave a comment or two.  I thank each and every one of you for being interested enough to follow me.... and for listening to my ramblings.  I appreciate you!!!


Come on over to MY NEW BLOG!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fine Silver Pendants by Little Ella Bug

Yesterday, my friend Amber stopped by and presented me with the most beautiful pendants!!! I absolutely adore the vintage fonts and the birthstone charms and I am proudly wearing it right now!  The fine organic/recycled silver she uses to make her pendants are simply beyond gorgeous!!  You have to see it to really appreciate it.  If you are interested in having one made for yourself or for holiday giving, visit Amber's shop on etsy.  These pendants are not cookie cutter ones that you can buy at Target.... and don't get me wrong, I love Target!!  It's my favorite store!  I'm simply letting you know that we are talking about pendants which are carefully and lovingly hand crafted by Amber herself.  You will be ensured an heirloom piece evoking beauty and quality which honestly in my opinion, you can only get with a handcrafted artisan item.

You will probably want to place your order early to make sure Amber can get these made for you in time for the holidays.  Click here to visit her shop:  Little Ella Bug 

What to Wear Wednesday

What you wear to your session is SO very important!  If you have decided to invest time and resources to hire a custom photographer for your portraits, why not get inspired and dress your family in a way that truly makes you all shine!  I don't mean for everyone to run out and dress the way I tell you to dress....  not at all!!  What I do suggest is that you have fun with it and think outside the box.  There's no need to match every member of your family, just remember to keep everyone in the same style.  You wouldn't want to wear a cocktail dress and have your husband wear shorts.... you get the picture!  Just pick some colors and browse around the mall to see what you can find.  Think about layering shirts, vests, etc. and selecting textured pieces such as sweaters and corduroy... add accessories such as scarves, headpieces, hats and whatever else strikes your fancy!  Believe it or not, mixing patterns is okay and in fact, works great for photos!  Below are some looks pulled by the fabulous people over at Inspire Me Baby to get you started.  Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yatoil Lookbook - Fall 2010

Introducing.... Yatoil's Lookbook for Fall 2010!!  All of the items you see in the Lookbook are handmade right here in Los Angeles and are available to ship worldwide.  I fell in love with the beauty and quality of these appliqued t-shirts from the first moment I saw them, and everyone who sees one says they have to have one!  My boys will definitely be wearing these tie shirts for their holiday photos ;-)  I would like to thank all the cute models who participated in the casting call for this project, plus a special thank you to all the moms of the models who took time out of their busy day to participate!  You guys rock!

Feel free to browse around the lookbook and enjoy! To purchase any of these adorable and well-made items, please visit Yatoil's shop on etsy.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Brad - Thousand Oaks 2010 Senior Photographer

What a super neat guy I got to hang out with yesterday! I found this tunnel several months back and was dying to come back for a photo shoot.  I found the perfect subject, don't you think?  Brad attends Thousand Oaks High School and will be graduating in 2011.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

We Have a Winner!

Hey everyone, happy Thursday!!!  Thank you to all those who participated in the Giveaway with Bella's Bowtique!  I won't ramble.... let's get right to the point.  The winner of the Cranberry Headband giveaway is.....

#31 - C R Y S T A L   S A M S O N!!!!

Congratulations Crystal!!  I will let Bella's Bowtique know that you are the winner!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What to Wear Wednesday - Family Holiday Photos

I just received the latest catalog from Hanna Andersson and I am in looooove with the outfits for the holidays!! While I am not normally a fan of families wearing anything too matchy matchy, there is something to be said for wearing clothing in the same color scheme, especially for holiday photos.  I think Hanna Andersson does an amazing job of pulling their outfits together for the family.  Visit their website for a better view ;-)