Thursday, January 14, 2010

{Boys' Valentines} southern california kids photography

Shame on me.... I've been a bad, bad blogger with just one post this week. Sorry about that! So as I promised, I'm sharing with you the Valentine's cards that I designed for the boys to pass out at school. I'm happy to be able to cross off an item on my lengthy "to do" list and also thrilled that the boys approve of their cards ;-) By the way, I was too lazy [uh, hem] I mean, too busy to go out and shoot new images and also, I really just wanted to get the cards done [hee hee] so I looked through my files and found these from an urban session we did a few months ago.  That's not cheating, is it?? Oh well, they're only in Kindergarten... Let me know what you think!


  1. Love these! What as handsome little guy!

  2. I really love Chase's card. Very nice!
    Tristan's is cool too.
    Much better than my store-bought cards will be ;-)

  3. Great cards!! LOve these! Your guys are so handsome!!