Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fine Silver Pendants by Little Ella Bug

Yesterday, my friend Amber stopped by and presented me with the most beautiful pendants!!! I absolutely adore the vintage fonts and the birthstone charms and I am proudly wearing it right now!  The fine organic/recycled silver she uses to make her pendants are simply beyond gorgeous!!  You have to see it to really appreciate it.  If you are interested in having one made for yourself or for holiday giving, visit Amber's shop on etsy.  These pendants are not cookie cutter ones that you can buy at Target.... and don't get me wrong, I love Target!!  It's my favorite store!  I'm simply letting you know that we are talking about pendants which are carefully and lovingly hand crafted by Amber herself.  You will be ensured an heirloom piece evoking beauty and quality which honestly in my opinion, you can only get with a handcrafted artisan item.

You will probably want to place your order early to make sure Amber can get these made for you in time for the holidays.  Click here to visit her shop:  Little Ella Bug 

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