Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Parking Lot Fun

We were lucky enough to have my mother-in-law {the boys' Nana} visit us over the weekend - yay!! It was a hot, hot day so we decided to head out to go play in the water fountains at a shopping center down the street from where we live. So here we are in the parking lot and I stopped them to take a few quick photos. Nana is perfectly beautiful but as you can see, Chase is cooperating while Tristan is being silly.... cute, but silly [see next photo]
What happened? Tristan is the now the one who is cooperating while Chase was busy being silly. Caught a half-way decent shot though, and I could have stopped here but I wanted to try for a couple more shots.... 
Chase is still silly here but this would have been a really cute shot except darn it, I just missed it with Tristan... his eyes are half way closed! 
Once again, Tristan was cooperating but wait a second.... what the heck is Chase doing with his hand???
CROPPING is the answer! 

So the entire session took less than a minute. For real! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend with your friends & family. We sure did!! Thank you dearest Nora for hanging out with us.  We LOVE you to the moon and back!!!!

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