Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wildflowers are Everywhere!

One of my favorite pastimes is "location scouting."  At the moment, the hills around us are going crazy with wildflowers and I just think it's such a beautiful time of the year to hold a photo session!  I'm seeing yellow and purple flowers all around us and they are just so lovely!  Last year, the flowers made their appearance in April and lasted through somewhere around mid-May.  It's great to see the flowers blooming early this year but the downside is that the wildflowers will most likely disappear earlier too...  As we were driving around the other day, I was lucky enough to have both my camera AND my in-house models with me!


  1. Your sons are so cute!! Nice work, love the wildeflowers!

  2. I love the location! Good thing you had some handy good looking models with you. Great photos!!

  3. what beautiful boys you have~! and gorgeous pictures too!