Monday, March 22, 2010

Thanking my Followers!!

Woo hoo! I just noticed that I'm up to 40 followers on my blog which is so wonderful and exciting!!!  I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by and for taking the time to leave a comment here and there. I am so happy to have you!!  It really does feel so good to blog again after neglecting it for a couple of months... I'm gonna make up for it and I have a lot of fun stuff planned so be sure to check back often!

As if blogging isn't enough, I now have a fan page set up on Facebook... this is after a lot of deliberating in my head about should I? What's the point of a fan page? Do I want to add more to workload? etc. etc.  In the end, I decided to jump in and I must say that I'm enjoying having both a blog and a fan page!!  So if you are on Facebook and would like to become a fan, just click on that button you see over there to your right and come on over!  The beauty of Facebook is that it's so easy to connect with a lot of people and stay connected.... to make new friends and get to know each other a little better too!

And since it's so much more fun to post with something to look at, I give you my Chase! We were at Children's Orchard over the weekend and I was loving the yellow backdrop so I took a few shots.  Chase was a very willing model but can you tell that his mind was on the cupcake store across the street? ;-)

"Mom, are we done yet? Let's go get cupcakes!!"

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