Monday, March 22, 2010

Lay Flat Album Design (Southern California Baby, Kids & Family Photographer)

At the moment, I use several different pro labs and I do so for various reasons.  If anyone cares to know who I use for what products, let me know and I can do a separate post!  So I have experimented quite a bit all last year, hoping to find the holy grail... the ONE lab that has it all!!!  Alas, I am still searching; however, I recently ordered a Lay Flat Press Book from ProDPI and I am very pleased with it!  I selected the cover in plum silk and the semi-gloss paper in the layflat style vs. magazine style, and quickly designed a 20 page album.  Here are just a few snapshots to give you a peek at my book but please, please excuse the poor quality images.... product photography is definitely not my thing!  I just didn't know how to make the book laugh or smile for me ;-)


  1. Beautiful book!! :) Love it!

  2. Looks Awesome! I love it as well!!!