Monday, December 28, 2009

{Sugar Rush} Tuesday's Tid Bit (a day early)

Do you know about DAILY CANDY? It's the insider's guide to all things mini in Los Angeles where you get the scoop on everything fun, fashionable and cool for the under 8 crowd (and their parents too.)  You can sign up to receive a weekly email about the latest store openings, classes and events here.  Today's email contained a write-up on a new store called SweetHarts recently opened by Melissa Joan Hart and Paula Hart.  You can read all about it here.  Sounds like a fun place to take the kids for a special treat!

Also came across this which I thought sounded interesting:

We Want Your Toys
What: Help Venice architect Greg Lynn find used playthings to recycle into furniture. If he’s interested in yours, he’ll send a check, postage, and packaging.
Why: It doesn’t get any easier.
When: Your kidlet’s moved on to the next big thing.
Where: List of desired products online at E-mail low-res images and your shipping address to

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