Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Dudes Only

If there is a little boy in your life, you have GOT to check this out!  It's a website with all of the coolest stuff out there for little boys.  As a mom to two boys, I've always found it frustrating to walk into children's clothing stores and see two racks of boys' stuff and the rest of the store dedicated to girls.  Not only that, most of what they offer for boys are generic striped t-shirts, solid colored shorts and jeans.  Can we say booooooring?  So along comes "Little Dudes Only" a website where you can find all sorts of stylish, hip clothing for the little dude(s) in your life.  I'm so happy I found them and I'm happy to recommend their selection of clothing for your next session too!

Here is the owner of the Little Dudes Only website with her two adorable little dudes!!


  1. Handsome boys, they look to be a handful of playfulness.

  2. OMFG the clothes on that website are RAD!!!! I wish I could dress Sully in head to toe with those threads everyday!!!!