Friday, May 15, 2009

{Glowing} southern california pregnancy photographer

Being pregnant is something to celebrate!  This week, I had a session with the lovely Stacey who is 7 months pregnant and carrying not one, but two precious little babies in her belly!  I can obviously relate, having carried twins myself; however, at no point did I ever look like this!  Just look at this gorgeous woman!  She is basking in her pregnancy and boy does she glow!  It was lovely to spend the afternoon together and getting to know her... such a beautiful person both inside and out.  Stacey, you are a kind, generous, sweet, loving and caring person... and did I already say beautiful?  Enjoy your sneek peak and I hope you will be forever glad that you made the decision to document your pregnancy ;-)

Stacey's hair and make-up by Kameron, who is the only person that I work with.  Kameron is uber talented, so sweet to boot, and is available for all of your hair and make-up needs.  Email me if you are interested in Kameron's services.

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