Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Boys with Curls

I love letting the boys' hair get a little bit long... that's when the curls appear and I just *love* curly hair, especially on little kids... simply darling!  And I really love the length of the boys' hair right now, except whenever their hair gets to this length, I get many inquiries as to whether they are boys or girls.  Huh?  What?!  Do they really look like girls?  Chase & Tristan live in t-shirts, usually blue, green and red; sometimes the shirts have big fat stripes, sometimes the shirts have pictures of cars and planes on them; they wear boyish plaid or camouflage shorts; they wear blue or grey flip flops... and overall their aura screams "ALL BOY" in my opinion.  But I guess the long hair throws people off....

In any case, after looking at these photos taken yesterday, I'm curious.  Do you think their hair is getting too long?  Do you think we should cut their hair or keep the curls??  Or should I just start using gel?!

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