Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Angels Among Us

Okay, I admit it. Some days, my boys drive me nuts and I wish they weren't so... well... so challenging! So high energy! So headstrong! So needy! So gosh darn difficult! I fully understand that they're just 5 years old and the world to them is so vast; they're learning from every experience, processing tons of information on a daily basis and overall, looking to me for guidance. Gee, what a huge responsibility! Lately, they've been sticking up for each other when one is in trouble... they're testing boundaries and figuring out the concept of strength in numbers. Honestly, I welcome their curiosity (to put it nicely) but it's mentally exhausting. No wonder bed time is my favorite time of the day - ha ha!

So as I sit here in front of my computer, the boys are fast asleep and all is quiet in the Kanitz household and I can hear myself think. Sweet. Anyways, despite the challenges of being a (good) parent, I like to remind myself that our children are gifts from heaven. And what a blessing it is... quite incredible, when you stop to think about it. I believe that our babies are here on earth to teach us, the adults, some very important lesson on love (and certainly patience) and nothing is more important than being there for our children.

So to all you moms and dads out there... remember, there are angels among us... and they happen to be our very own precious children. Let's cherish every moment, even the bad ones, for they'll be all grown up before we know it.

And now, for some images of my precious angels... Tristan...

...and Chase.

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