Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Angel

Just for fun, I found an old image of Chase at around 2 years old and turned him into an angel :-) Back then, I mostly used my handy dandy point and shoot because it was just plain easier to try and "catch" my boys doing their every day thing. As you can see from the original, it's a cute picture but it's *ahem* certainly not a professional grade image. But that's okay because there's programs like PhotoShop and Elements to help bring out the inner artist in you. It's fun and oh so amazing to be able to turn an okay photo into a work of art.

I encourage you to take another look at your stacks of photos lying around to see if you can find your own angel buried in there. You can find this and tons of other beautiful kits here.

Here is the original image. Seems like just yesterday Chase was 25 months old... he still likes to run around and be chased :-)

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