Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boys, boys, boys!

I always saw myself as a girly girl who loved to dress up and do girly things with my sisters and girlfriends. As kids, we spent hours dressing up and putting on fashion shows. I just knew that I would have a daughter someday.

Of course Life never goes according to plan and it figures that I would end up with not one but two boys but I gotta tell you, Chase & Tristan are my world! They have morphed into such amazing little guys. They love to do artwork, ride their bikes and skateboards, help Daddy with gardening, play, read, bake cookies... they even think it's fun to do the laundry and vacuuming... They are both so smart, sweet, talented and pretty hilarious. C&T regularly call me "my princess" and kiss my hand as a gentleman would upon meeting a lady. How cute is that? As all proud parents tend to do, I could go on and on about my kids. But hey! I'm getting away from the reason for my post, sorry!

So today, I had the pleasure of photographing not one but two adorable 16 month old twin boys! These little boys were too cute for words and lots of fun to shoot. It reminded me of my boys and how yummy they were at this age. It seems like it was just yesterday and now here they are at 5 years old, getting ready for kindergarten. To anyone who's reading this, enjoy your little ones and don't forget to take pictures to document all of their sweet littleness (is that a word?) They grow up in the blink of an eye.

Enjoy your sneek peek Jennifer and Bob!!

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  1. awww! Thanks so much Toki! They look amazing! I hope to have a mere fraction of your talent some day. You Rock!