Sunday, September 26, 2010

Product Spotlight: Spiral Bound Photo Booklets

I had a client ask to see what the "Spiral Bound Photo Booklet" looks like so I thought I would do a post here so you too can see!!  Typically the booklets are sized at 5x7 but you may also opt to go with a 5x5 like this one shown below.  Each page comes with a bordered image from your session (up to 50) and the cover is customized with your favorite image from the session.  The rounded corners are a nice touch and everyone loves these little booklets which you can easily carry in your purse and show off to all your friends, co-workers.... even the cashier at your local grocery store ;-)
Here is another booklet, this time shown as a 4x6.  The images in this booklet are not bordered so the image fills up the entire page.  This is not my preferred way to show the images because a part of the image gets chopped off in the process.  I definitely prefer adding a nice border around each image so that (a) you can see the entire image and (b) it looks more classy in my opinion.  But it's a matter of personal taste.  No matter how you order it, trust me when I say that you will fall in love with your very own booklet!
If you enjoyed this post, let me know what other product offerings you would like to see and I'll be happy to share!

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