Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Product Showcase: Keepsake Album

The Keepsake Album is probably one of the most popular items that I offer!  Clients love the simplicity and timelessness of these beautiful albums, which come in your choice of many lovely covers.  It is a flush mount album with a true photographic image on each page.  Typically, each page comes with a bordered image or you may also opt o add a customized design layout which always turn out quite amazing, if I do say so myself :-)  The albums start at 5x5 and go up to 12x12 and can have either 20 or 30 pages.  I would have to say that the 8x8 is the most popular size for boudoir sessions while the 10x10 are the most popular for family sessions.  The 5x5 albums usually end up being gifts.

In my excitement to ship out an album to its rightful owner, I usually forget to take pictures beforehand!  But I did remember to photograph this one with the sapphire cover which is currently on its way to a very special lady from her kids and grandkids.
Here are some others that I did remember to take pictures of.  You have to see it in person though, to truly appreciate its beauty.

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