Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Four Hens Actions

Today, I thought it would be fun to do a quick little share on some fabulous free actions by My Four Hens.  I do so love to play with actions and the only reason why I don't purchase any is because I would never get any sleep if I did!!  I would be up all night, "working" on my images!!

I think that I might have first 'met' Sarah of M4H through a forum we both belong to... In any case, it's clear that she is a very kind, loving and caring individual, not to mention an ultra fabulous photographer and creator of awesome actions!  Be sure to check out Sarah's photography blog here and check out her free actions here.  Once you try out her freebies, you'll want to purchase all of her other actions!  Last but not least, be sure to stop by her Facebook page and like her.  You'll see for yourself how likable she is!

I took an image of Tristan and tried out a whole bunch of actions.  Love them all!


  1. I agree - M4H actions are great! I started off with the freebies and now I have bought a few too...and once I get CS4 installed vs. Elements like I have now, I can buy even more ;) Her actions are beautiful, just my style, and affordable!

  2. What a beautiful blog you have here!

  3. Jenny, thanks for letting me know... I'll have to try out her other actions!! Amarie, thank you so much for your sweet comment!!