Monday, April 26, 2010

Earth Day - Conejo Creek Park

On Earth Day (April 22nd), the boys and I hung out at a local park after school. We should have walked or biked over.... You know, to really get into the spirit of Earth Day but oh well. Anyways, we mostly played and ran around and talked a lot about caring for Mother Earth. We also took some photos since we were at such a picturesque place and all ;-)

Anyways, the Conejo Creek Park is a lovely park right next to the library here in Thousand Oaks. It's got a little man made creek & pond (with ducks), plenty of little trails, bridges and other fun, hidden areas and the boys' imaginations naturally run wild when we play here.

On a side note, I must say it's nice not having to bribe my kids with suckers like I used to when they were toddlers.... nowadays they [almost] always let me do what I need to do - hehehe!  On this day, Tristan was a little reluctant about having his pics taken while Chase didn't mind one bit.  And that's how you can tell who's who!  Seriously though, they're both such good sports!

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