Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photography Blogs and the Reasons Behind Them

WARNING: A little bit of rambling happening in this post!

Okay, so I am curious.... how and why do you choose to follow or read a particular blog? And more specifically, why do you visit the 'Toki Lee Photography' blog?!  I'm asking this because I recently came across a great article related to photographers who blog and the reasons for blogging. Perhaps the main reason for me to have a blog should be "to market my business and attract new clients." But that's not a natural thing for me to do... market myself, that is. What DOES feel natural is to share with everyone how much I love photographing people and creating artwork out of my images. I love the privilege of  doing something important like documenting your loved ones for posterity's sake. I love it that you have one or more portraits that we created, displayed proudly in your home.  I love having a business that allows me to share my talent. So when I blog, I want to share with you what I do, who I am and in doing so, naturally attract new clients. Clients who become my friends!! Clients who love my work and trust me enough to hire me to photograph their family. Clients who are excited about 'Toki Lee Photography' and want to tell everyone about me!!

You see, the core of my photography business has been built up almost completely by word of mouth... and I wouldn't have it any other way!!  So in conclusion [of this somewhat random post], I would like to ask you... anyone who is reading this... will you share with me why you visit my blog, how often you visit, and if you ever share my blog with others?  Also, tell me what you enjoy most about my blog and what you would like to see more (or less) of. Oh wait! I know the answer to that part... you want to see less of my boys since every other post has a photo of them in it - ha ha!  Anyways, you can leave me a comment or if you prefer some privacy, just email me directly at  I appreciate each and every one of you!!!

And now... I leave you with an image of someone other than my boys ;-)  A darling little client that I have photographed 3 times now. This is one of my favorite images from our very first session together. She means business!!


  1. Great photo.. :)

    I love your pictures and your blog:) I like reading your blog and laughing at the little jokes you throw in here and there. :) I love having new followers but I don't see a point in following someone when you don't visit their page.. :) So.. I try to make it a point when I have some time to go through my dashboard and read all the new blog posts and comment.. :) Keep doing what your doing.. :) It's great!!! :)

  2. She is a doll! Great shot!

    I like reading your blog. I struggle with blogging, so it is always nice to stop by someone's who doesn't. lol.

  3. Adorable shot! I visit your blog to see your beautiful images. Love your work! :)

  4. I added your blog to my google reader because I love your photography #1 and then when you add your stories and sense of humor that makes it even better. Since you are in my reader then I know when you post but I also will stop by if I've been on Clickin Mom's (like today).

  5. Awwww shucks, thanks for leaving your comments everyone!! It's so much more fun for me to know that someone is actually looking at my blog!! You guys inspire me so thanks again for stopping by!!! I'd love to stop by your blogs too so if you are reading this comment, be sure to leave your blog info ok?!!

  6. I love the images of your boys, and following your work!