Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Monday!

The boys' bestest buddy came to spend the weekend with us [hi Dylan!!!] and we had such a great time all weekend long!!  Dylan's mommy, who happens to be my very best friend, picked out matching shirts for the boys to wear.  This has become sort of a tradition and I love it.  I tried to get a "nice" photo of the three but wouldn't you know it?  They were doing everything they could to make sure that didn't happen, ha ha!  In the end, we decided that any photo of the three boys together was priceless and yes, I do agree HOWEVER, the photographer in me felt like a major failure.  On a side note, it was hilarious to have someone stop us and ask if they were triplets - ha ha ha!!  I should have said yes they were because he sincerely believed that they all looked alike.
Thanks for coming to celebrate the boys' 6th birthday - we love you guys!!!

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