Monday, December 21, 2009

Out of Words

Wow, did I just do that?  I just spent half an hour typing a most heartfelt letter of thanks to post and I just accidentally deleted it.  Blogger continually saves whatever changes are made so I didn't even have a chance to recover my mistake.  Argh!!!!  Since it's now very late and I'm too tired to re-type everything again, I'll leave you with this.  A photo of my boys around this time last year.... and one of them from this year.  They are growing up SO FAST, right before my very eyes!


  1. They are so handsome and your work is so amazing Toki!!

  2. Toki - you are a genius...such talent. Chase and Tristan are absolutely beautiful (just like their mommy) is amazing to see how much they have changed since I had them in my 2 year old class.