Thursday, October 15, 2009

{Testimonial on a Thundering Thursday} southern california kids & family photography

When I started to write this post earlier this morning, it did look like we might see thunder & lightning...  A couple of hours later, the skies are clearing and it's GORGEOUS out!  I kept the title because it's kind of catchy, yes?  No, not really?  Alright, forgive me for being corny. Anyways, one of the most rewarding thing about what I do is to know that I can affect someone positively on an emotional level through my images. In other words, my images make you happy!  I regularly receive notes and emails from my clients and their relatives, thanking me for capturing images of their loved ones. Heck, I sometimes get comments from folks completely unlrelated, letting me know that they enjoy my images... wow!  I get warm and fuzzy whenever I read a love note and it makes me want to work even harder to capture the next set of images.  Here's a recent testimonial from a Mommy of two beautiful little boys:

"Toki is a wonderful photographer. She can easily engage children and has such a loving, kind personality. Her photography work is BEAUTIFUL! Better than I imagined. I will absolutely go back to Toki for all my future family photo needs!!!"

Thank you "D" for the kind testimonial!!  I can't wait to capture those little monkeys again!  And now, here's an image of a storyboard that she ordered in a chocolate & teal whimsical frame.  Actually, she ordered two which means a lucky set of grandparents will be seeing this under their tree at Christmas time!

Have a happy day!


P.S.  Is it work when you're doing something you absolutely love?!

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